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How to become a Member of ESH

Societies that are located in any EU country offering training in hypnosis, can apply to become an ESH Member.

In order to be accepted as an ESH Member, the Society should offer a minimum of 50 hours of training, proposing different curricula for different professions to use hypnosis as an adjunct only within their own disciplines related to the health care system.

In case the Society proposes the use of hypnosis in psychotherapeutic settings, the amount of training hours should be at least 200, plus 50 hours of supervision.

Societies that follow the above teaching criteria, but who are not in the EU, can apply to become Extraordinary Members (please see the ESH Constitution).

If your Society is interested in becoming an ESH Member, please contact Central Office (mail@esh-hypnosis.eu) for the Application Form, fill it in and send it back to Central Office.  Your Application will be examined by the ESH Board of Directors and subsequently submitted to the ESH Council of Representatives for approval.

Benefits of Membership

ESH is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest professional standards in the practice of hypnosis for clinical or research purposes and in the dissemination of information concerning hypnosis.

  • Membership of ESH means belonging to the oldest and largest European society in the field of hypnosis, subscribing to rigorous professional standards in practice, training and research.
  • Membership of ESH offers clear evidence of professionalism to national governments and institutions, especially in countries where a legal basis for clinical hypnosis is still developing.
  • Membership of ESH provides member societies with the opportunity to shape the outlook of hypnosis in Europe by a corporate investment in its future
  • Membership of ESH entitles members societies to send delegates to the council of representatives of ESH, its legislative body.
  • Membership of ESH gives access to the combined talents, skills and expertise of all its Constituent Societies.

Membership Documents

Our Application Forms are available to download:
Society Application Form for ESH Membership
Application for ESH Membership – Society
Constituent Society Membership Criteria
ESH Constituent Society Benefits
Associate / Individual Application Form for ESH Membership (for those living in European countries with no national ESH Constituent Society or those living outside Europe)
Application for ESH Membership – Associate-Individual
Please read the ESH Constitution, Ethical Guidelines and Regulations for further information.
ECH Accredited Training Societies (ECH-ATS)
ECH-ATS Letter – August 2018

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