Hypnosis Training in Europe

Hypnosis training in Europe is organised by the Constituent Societies.  To learn more about their training, please contact them direct; here is a list of our ECH Accredited Training Societies for 2018:  ECH Accredited Training Societies – 2018
Training is sometimes organised in combination with International Congresses.
Here are just a few of the Training courses available:

Muezzi style hypnosis


About Ali Esref Muezzinoglu, Medical Dentist

Applying Conscious Hypnosis since 1972 Over 10.000 patients in 45 years Founder President of Turkish Society of Hypnosis (THD) established in 1991 Started Medical & Dental Conscious Hypnosis as academic and clinical program at Yeditepe University and adapted to 3 different universities since 1999 Attended more than over 15 International Congresses abroad and organized more than 10 local and international Hypnosis Congresses including 12th ESH Congress in Istanbul He was attended as the board member by Turkish Ministry of Health for the Chamber of Complimentary Medicine in 2014 Has a Kay Thompson Award by ISH and more than 16 book on hypnosis Currently he is coordinating the full hypnosis academic program at Medipol University and give lectrres at 4 different national universities within academic program.

He has many books he authored on hypnosis indications, techniques and suggestions.

Dr. Muezzinoglu is the board member of Turkish Society of Hypnosis (THD), member of Council of European Society of Hypnosis (ESH), member of Society of Traditional and Supplementary Medicine (GETAD), International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), advisory committe of GETAT Congress 2019.


New online course available – Medical Hypnosis for healthcare professionals.

ESH Constituent Society: BSCAH
Event Title (please specify Name of Congress / Conference / Workshop / Training Course etc): Modules 1-3 Foundation Training
Date(s)  12th March, 26/27th March 2022

9th April 2022

7th May 2022

21st/22nd May 2022

Time(s) 9am – 5pm
Venue: Hybrid
Invited Speaker(s):
Language: English
Translations: No

ESH Constituent Society:




Registration Website: Book Event – BSCAH – British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis
Email: natoffice@bscah.co.uk

CFHTB (Centre formation PRISME)

Language: French

Translations: No

Registration Website: https://prismeformations-charleroi.org/fr.formation&id=960

Email: info@prismeformations-charleroi.org

Telephone: 0032 71 410735

Post Cursus Formation Days

  1. Hypnotic communication in care 8/9/21
  2. Feeding need and creativity in chronic pain model 14/10/21
  3.  Pregnancy desire, fertility, fat medically assisted 17/11/21
  4. End of pregnancy, delivery and care of newborn 8/12/21
  5. Sleep and hypnosis 13/1/22
  6. Hypnosis and Auto-Immunity 10/2/22
  7. Hypnosis and preparation for surgery; oncology 9/3/22
  8. Hypnosis, tics and TOC 21/4/22
  9. Rituals, shamans 18/5/22
  10. Hypnosis and palliative care 23/6/22Time(s): Each day 9am – 4pm
    Venue: Rue DE la Grande Cheneviere, 32, 6001, Marcinelle (Charleroi) Belgium
    Invited Speakers: Dr Claire Michel, Dr Vicky Samartzi and Christophe Vanhoolandt
    Language: French
    Translations: No
    Fees: 1350 Euros
    Registration Website: https://prismeformations-charleroi.org/fr.formation&id=956
    Email: info@prismeformations-charleroi.org
    Telephone: 0032 71 410735

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