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A Study on Hypnosis in Therapy

What we would like to learn

There is a lot that we already know. For example, we know that some people can be more responsive than others to hypnosis, and we know that hypnosis can have an especially good impact in some situations. Also, in many branches of clinical work it is the case that different people seem to respond best to different treatments. That is sometimes, at least in part, a result of differences in our genes, and we think this may apply to hypnosis too. We want to explore all these issues, so that we can understand how best to select exactly the right form of treatment for each individual we see.

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Dr Peter Naish

Project to achieve Recognition of Clinical Hypnosis by international Health Organisations through Joint Publications.

Health Care Applications of Clinical Hypnosis
by David Wark & Dr. Bob Boland


The materials for this project were freely contributed by internationally recognized clinical hypnosis specialists, following informal meetings of an editorial group at the Dallas SCEH/ASCH conference in January 2007. The first volume was limited to eleven selected EBM (Evidenced Based Medicine) applications, and is being edited for joint publication with SCEH and ISH by Professor Arreed Barabasz, Professor Karen Olness and Dr Stephen Kahn, with the hope of getting International Health Organisation acceptance and adoption of hypnosis as validated EBM. This second volume of other hypnosis health care applications, provides the opportunity for the work of every other contributor to be published and thus available to health workers, who are motivated to learn more about clinical hypnosis as a cost effective reinforcement for health care.

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Plenty of information on research available at “Hypnosis and Suggestion”, exploring the science behind hypnosis. Research on State/Non State, Theories, Measurement, Neuroimaging Studies, Pain Research, Attention/Conflict, with plenty of recent literature references, site launched January 2007 by Matthew Whalley PhD, who is also in charge of updating.
A database with literature and publications on hypnosis “Hypnosis and Related States Research Database”.

An interesting paper with a meta-analysis of studies on efficiacy of hypnosis, made by Prof Walter Bongartz.

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