BREMER, Marie-Jeanne

BREMER, Marie-Jeanne

Institut Milton H. Erickson de Luxembourg

Academic degree: Master in psychology (Licence en psychologie) at the University of Liege (Belguim) in 1973.

Professional career: 40 years of commitment in a non-profit-organization for Mental Health with tasks of psychotherapy, psych-education and networking for public  awareness, particularly in the field for suicide prevention.  Currently I work in a private praxis. 

I learned to appreciate the diversity of hypnotic tools facilitating integrative Psychotherapy.  In the future, I see major challenges in an evolving cultural and societal context, so we have to address them by implementing new tools, such as telehealth, which in return require evaluation of their efficacy and a refinement of ethical regulations.

My other topics for my collaboration in ESH are:

  • facilitate the ESH and the constituent societies.
  • promote knowledge about therapeutic hypnosis in a larger community on the one side and raise public awareness of the dangers of hypnosis in a non-professional or harmful context on the other side.
  • promote projects with hospitals or universities.
  • help to transpose relevant outcomes of scientific research into clinical practice and in teaching.