CASULA, Consuelo

CASULA, Consuelo C.

Società Italiana di Ipnosi (SII), Italy

A graduate in Philosophy, specialized in Psychology, NLP Trainer, and in clinical hypnosis I teach hypnosis at the Scuola Italiana di Ipnosi e Psicoterapia Ericksoniana and other Italian and international schools of psychotherapy.
Board member of SII, I am the immediate Past-President of the European Society of Hypnosis, and the current Vice-Chairperson Council of Representatives of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH).
I travel nationally and internationally as invited speaker to lecture and give workshops at ESH, ISH, ASCH, Milton Erickson Foundation congresses, in Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and China. In my practice I integrate clinical hypnosis with pragmatic, systemic and strategic approaches, combined with salutogenic psychology and mindfulness.
I have published several articles and eight books on communication skills, leading groups, metaphors, women’s development, resilience, hypnotic strategies, and meditation. The book on metaphors has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French and German; the one on resilience into French
In 2016 I have received the IV International Award “Franco Granone” from the Franco Granone Centro Italiano Ipnosi Clinica e Sperimentale (CIICS)
I will serve the ESH as Editor of the four-monthly ESH Newsletter whose goal is to share information to create connections among the various ESH constituent societies.