Hypnosis Training in Europe

Hypnosis training in Europe is organised by the Constituent Societies.  To learn more about their training, please contact them direct; here is a list of our ECH Accredited Training Societies for 2018:  ECH Accredited Training Societies – 2018

Training is sometimes organised in combination with International Congresses.

Here are just a few of the Training courses available:



Hypnose Au Coeur Des Volcans

Various dates July 2019


Information - www.hypnoseauvergne.fr

Email - contact@hypnoseauvergne.fr or communication@hypnoseauvergne.fr

Tel - 04 73 36 83 68



Hypnotic Communication in Medical Settings

Location- University Hospital Antwerp

Date- Start 2019 September 27th – 5 days training

Organisers- VHYP -Dr Nicole Ruysschaert – Ann Roete

Contact- https://www.vhyp.be/agenda?task=calendar.event&id=166

Further info- Language Dutch


Modules Hypnose: Language Dutch

Location-UPC-KULeuven Leuvensesteenweg 517 Kortenberg (Belgium)


20th Sept – Hypnose bij trauma en dissociatie

18th Oct- Functionele buikklachten

15th Nov- Mind Brain Body samen sterker met Hypnose

13th Dec – Psychosomatiek, immunologie

Organisers- VHYP

Contact- https://www.vhyp.be/opleiding/vervolgopleiding

Further info- vhypbe@gmail.com


Dissociative Disorders and Traumatic Experiences: Connecting and Integrating Different Parts into a Functional and Unified Self

Location- UPC-KULeuven Leuvensesteenweg 517 Kortenberg (Belgium)

Date- 2020, February, 21

Organisers- VHYP

Contact- https://www.vhyp.be/agenda?task=calendar.event&id=174

Further info-vhypbe@gmail.com

Language English



BSCAH – UK  (2019 / 2020)

Lancs & Cheshire Foundation Training 2019

Module 1:  28/29th Sept 2019

Module 2:  26/27th Oct 2019

Module 3:  30th Nov/1st Dec 2019


Advanced Diploma/Graduate Certificate, BSc Conversion course in Clinical Hypnosis, Communication Skills & Related Techniques.

Dates:  27.09.19 – 28.09.19  /  23.11.19 – 24.11.19  /  07.02.20 – 08.02.20  /  06.03.20 – 07.03.20
Times:  09:00 – 16:30
Venue:  Birmingham City University
Language:  English (sorry no translations)
Fees:   £2,400
Registration website:   http://www.bscah.com/
Email:   bscahmidlandsbranch@outlook.com
Tel:   +44 (0) 7702492867 


Mets and South  Foundation Training 2020

Module 1:  8th/9th Feb 2020

Module 2:  29th Feb/ 1st March 2020

Module 3:  28th/29th March 2020


ESH in conjunction with the RSM:   


MSc Hypnosis in Research, Medicine and Clinical Practice

2019:  Starts 7 January

Download:   COURSE FLYER MSc PGDip PGCert Hypnosis in Research, Medicine and Clinical Practice

Why choose this course?

Taught by leading researchers and clinico-medical practitioners of hypnosis from the Royal Society of Medicine.  A key benefit of the MSc is that it contributes a minimum of 72 hours towards the European Certificate of Hypnosis, awarded by ESH.   CPD can be awarded if required.

Course overview

This course will equip you with the critical, methodological and practical skills that are necessary for advancement and development in the areas of clinical and academic hypnosis. You will be based in the Department of Psychology at BU and the course is also supported and run by the Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. You will be trained in the use of hypnosis and will be able to apply it in a range of clinical and research settings depending on your profession and experience. Graduates without a clinical background will be qualified to use hypnosis in ethically approved research protocols.

Scholarships available from £2,000 – visit www.bournemouth.ac.uk/scholarships – for full details.

Website:   https://www1.bournemouth.ac.uk/study/courses/msc-hypnosis-research-medicine-clinical-practice

Email:   futurestudents@bournemouth.ac.uk
Tel:   +44 (0) 1202 961 961

SSCH – Sweden

Western Region/Gothenburg

 Supervision and Teacher programme, imagery as Adjunct.   Small groups proving space for individual needs.

Date(s):  2019 / 2020:  8/9 Feb, 8/9 Mar, 6/7 Apr , 24/25 May plus 12 x 2 days until December 2020

Times:  Friday 14:00 – 178:00, Saturday 09:00 – 14:30

Teachers:   Susanna Carolusson, Stefan Fransson, Goran Skarman, Lars Waxberg, Roxana Furberg

Language:   Swedish

Fees:  34,000 SEK per year.   Membership of an ESH Constituent Society is mandatory.

Email:  susanna@carolusson.se

Tel:  + 46 705 970 007

Download:  ESH appl ECP2019-2020,SSCH,Superv 

SSCH – Sweden

Western Region/Gothenburg

Ego State Therapy – Advanced Level

Dates:  2019 / 2020  17/18 May plus 7 x 2 more weekend days for Psychologists and Psychotherapists

Time:  09:00 – 18:30

Teachers:  Susanna Carolusson, Sofia Strand, Hedda Sandemose, Say Teen Redman, Ulla Byegard

Language:   Swedish

Fees:  34,400 SEK   Membership of ESH Constituent Society is mandatory

Email:  susanna@carolusson.se 

Tel:  + 46 705 970 007

Download:  EST2019,ECP application


Association Of Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis – 3 Block of the Programme

Invited Speaker: Susanna Carolusson

Language: English: Russian

Fee: 25,000 Rub

Registration Website: psy.education

Email: svetlana.hetrick@gmail.com

Tel:+7921 9990403


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