Hypnosis Training in Europe

Hypnosis training in Europe is organised by the Constituent Societies. Please contact them direct to learn more about their training.  Visit our Constituent Societies page to find the Society nearest you.

Training is sometimes organised in combination with International Congresses.

Here are just a few of the Training courses available:


Corso di formazione in ipnosi clinica e comunicazione ipnotica (Course of Formation in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotic Communication

Dates:  16 February – 25 November 2018

Hours:  84 hours plus thesis preparation and discussion

Language:   Italian

1891,00 Euro  -  Physicians & Dentists
1220,00 Euro  =  Other Health Professionals

Registration Website:   www.ciics.it

Email:   ciics@seleneweb.com
Tel:         +39 011 7499601

RSM:  MSc Hypnosis in Research, Medicine & Clinical Practice / PG Certificate Hypnosis in Research, Medicine & Clinical Practice

This course is designed to equip you with the critical, methodological and practical skills that are necessary for advancement in the areas of clinical and academic hypnosis.

Dates:  September 2017 to January 2018

Location:  Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus

Course Requirements:  Successful applicants will require a prior degree related to a Clinical, Medical or Psychological topic or equivalent experience.


MSc Hypnosis in Research, Medicine and Clinical Practice – 1 year full time or two years part-time
PG Certificate:  Hypnosis in Research, Medicine and Clinical Practice – 3 weekends and 1 full week

Other qualification options:

PG Dip Hypnosis in Research, Medicine and Clinical Practice (120 Credits)
PG Cert Hypnosis in Research, Medicine & Clinical Practice with CPD 60 Credits)
European Certificate of Hypnosis (ECH)l – certified Credits

For further information please visit:  http://www1.bournemouth.ac.uk/study/msc-hypnosis-research-medicine-clinical-practice

Organised by Bournemouth University in conjunction with the Section of Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine, Royal Society of Medicine


Western Region/Gothenburg

Spring 2017:  Term 4 of 4 in Supervisor and Teachers program. Director Susanna Carolusson, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Supervisor

Term 2 of 2 in ESTI-certified Ego State Training, advanced level. Director Susanna Carolusson

Basic training in Clinical Hypnosis 64 hrs June and August 2017. For all member categories. Hypnosis in Psychological, Medical and Dental care. Director Sofia Strand, Psychologist

2 years advanced Clinical Hypnosis, term 4 of 4 starts in September 2017. Director Susanna Carolusson


5th EST training, advanced level starts in February. Director Susanna Carolusson

2 years advanced Clinical Hypnosis, planned. Date not settled. Director Sofia Strand

Eastern Region/Stockholm

Advanced Training in Clinical Hypnosis, the use of Hypnosis in Psychological treatment and Psychotherapy. For members with basic training in hypnosis and psychotherapy. 136 hours start February 2017 and two years. Directors Ann Wilkens, Psychologist, certified hypnotherapist and Eva Eriksson Block, Psychologist, certified hypnotherapist

Basic Training in Clinical Hypnosis 64 hours. For all member categories. Hypnosis in Psychological, Medical and Dental care. Start September 2017

Directors Ann Wilkens and Eva Eriksson Block.

Southern Region/Lund 

Basic Training in Clinical Hypnosis 16 hours. For all member categories. Hypnosis in Psychological, Medical and Dental care. Start May 2017

Director Nils Norrsell, Psychotherapist, Dentist

Email:   kansli@hypnosforeningen.se

SSCH – Sweden

Basic Training:  Clinical Hypnosis

Dates:  15-21 February 2018

Times:  09:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 to 20:00

Venue:  Valencia

Trainers:  Susanna Carolusson, Josefina Hansen and Stefan Fransson

Language:  Swedish

Fees:  18,000 SKR      Membership Mandatory

Email:   josefina@tandhugget.se 

SSCH & ASOKG – Russia

Basic training:  Clinical Hypnosis, Medicine, Dentistry and Psychotherapy (Part 1 of 2)

Date:  11-13 May 2018

Times:  08:00 – 18:00

Venue:  Sankt Petersburg

Trainers:  Susanna Carolusson and Josefina Hansen

Language:  English (Translations into Russian)

Registration Website:   https://clinicalhypnosis.ru 

Email:   clinicalhypnosis@yandex.ru

Tel:   + 791 127 777 69, +881 299 904 03



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