ECH (European Certificate of Hypnosis)

The European Certificate of Hypnosis (ECH) was conceived by the ESH BOD following the decision to withdraw from the European Psychotherapy Association (EAP), thereby giving up our right to regulate certification in hypnosis in Europe. We decided to create our own certification, reflecting competence in all areas of Hypnosis (Medical, Dental, Psychological).


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European Certificate of Hypnosis (ECH):  Training Requirements

We publish these parameters to define the level of training required for candidates to successfully qualify for an ECH. We recognise two uses of hypnosis within our Constituent Societies:

Adjunctive – This describes the use of hypnosis by qualified professionals in Medicine, Dentistry, Clinical, Medical and Educational Psychology, and Psychotherapy (where this is a state registered title).

ECH applicants will be required to successfully complete a prescribed course of training, supervision, and documented experience, within their own Society.

Modality – This relates to Countries that have an academic training and a state registered title of ‘HypnoPsychotherapist’.

ECH applicants who have successfully completed this training and have been granted this title will automatically qualify for an ECH.

Minimum Training Requirements for an ECH (Adjunctive)

We hope that these requirements will act as an encouragement to Constituent Societies to benefit from a common pool of standards of training, while in no way limiting the development and continuation of specific standards in that Society.

They also assume the basic tenet that the professional is first able to treat using the skills within their profession, essentially using hypnosis as a means of providing further treatment options, flexibilities, etc.

  • Completion of Foundation Training of at least 50 hours.
  • Evidence of 50+ hours of supervision.
  • Two+ years clinical work, post foundation training.
  • Evidence of 100 hours + of profession specific further training, in hypnotic applications and techniques, (to include conferences, workshops and online learning).
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