ECH (European Certificate of Hypnosis)

The European Certificate of Hypnosis (ECH) was conceived by the ESH BOD following the decision to withdraw from the European Psychotherapy Association (EAP), thereby giving up our right to regulate certification in hypnosis in Europe. We decided to create our own certification, reflecting competence in all areas of Hypnosis (Medical, Dental, Psychological).

ECH Application Form 2015 – English


Adjunctive - The use of hypnosis as support to an existing skill set.

 For example: use by Physicians, Surgeons, Psychologist, Professions Allied to Medicine, and Psychotherapists trained in a recognised modality other than Hypnosis-Psychotherapy. 
Minimum 200 hours training including supervision.
Modality – The use of hypnosis within a comprehensive psychotherapeutic modality based on the therapeutic use of trance and suggestions integrating depth-psychological, behavioural, systemic and solution-oriented approaches.
For example: use in hypnosis-psychotherapy.  Typically, this will apply to Countries where psychotherapy in general and hypnosis-psychotherapy in particular are legal entities with prescribed training criteria.
Minimum 2,000 hours training including supervision.
ECH CPD Guidance Notes
ECH Training Requirements – 2016
ECH CPD Record Sheet
2015 ECH Benefits

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