THD: 11th International Congress of Medical Hypnosis

23rd November 2018

Title:  “To heal with the Perfection of the Beauty:
The Use of Hypnosis for the Perfection of the Soul and the Wellness of the Body

Dates:  23-25 November 2018

Time:  09:00 to 20:00

Venue:  Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey

Invited Speakers:   Randi Abrahamsen, Fabio Carnevale, Consuelo Casula, Gerard Fitoussi, Asa Fe Kockum, Kathleen Long, Peter Naish, Michael Schekter and Martin Wall

Language:  Turkish

Translations:  English

Fees:  150 Euros – ESH Constituent Society Members  -  200 Euros – Non-members

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