BSCAH: Medical Hypnosis

Date:   4 February 2019

Time:  09:00 – 17:00

Learning Objectives:

  •   To experience and induce a light hypnotic trance 3A07
  •   Basic understanding of modern definition and theories of hypnosis 2A10, 2A12
  •   Consider the structure of hypnotic language and ways to incorporate it into daily practice

    2A10, 2A12

  •   An awareness of the potential applications of hypnosis in anaesthetic practice, including anxiety management, pain, obstetrics, paediatrics, phobias 2B01, 2D05, 2D06, 2E01, 1D02, 2B01, 3I00

    This seminar covers Domain 3: Communication, partnership & teamwork

Venue:  21 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PY

Invited Speakers:  Allan Cyna (Adelaide, Australia), Jean Rogerson, Ann Williamson, Caron Moores, Simon Tunstill

Language: English

Translations:  None

Fee:  To be announced

Registration:  To be announced


Tel:  0770 249 2867


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