Vlaams Wetenschappelijke Hypnose Vereniging (VHYP), Belgium






I am Psychiatrist. Psychotherapist working with hypnosis, CBT and EMDR. I am trainer and supervisor in hypnosis and psycho-traumatology.

I joined ESH Board of Directors in 2002, was elected president 2008, took over presidency in August 2011, have been president ESH through October 2014. I have been ESH Newsletter editor and co-editor for many years. I am past-president of the VHYP, having done a term of presidency of 6 years and 2 years replacement, and after more than 20 years, I am still actively involved in the society.

I worked with hypnosis for a variety of problems, like (posttraumatic) stress and stress related disorders (burnout, CFS, fibromyalgia), (phobic) anxiety, performance enhancement, pain control, psychosomatics, functional syndromes, habit control, social anxiety in individual settings.

I presented at many international hypnosis congresses, gave basic and advanced trainings, lectures, keynote lectures on hypnosis and various applications. I worked out a training curriculum in hypnotic communication and hypnosis for pain and anxiety management in hospitals. I published some papers on hypnosis for burnout, stress control, happiness.

I experienced how BoD member work is a source of energy, rewarding its self by the many contacts and friendships. I feel committed to continue contributing to the evolution and spread of Hypnosis in practice and research.

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