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I am Senior Clinical and Medical Psychologist, licensed Hypnotist, Supervisor and Trainer of Hypnosis. I am Member of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) and of the Israeli Society of Hypnosis (IsSH), after serving as IsSH President from 2001 to 2007.

I am chief medical psychologist of the Israeli National Hemophilia Center, Treasurer and Board of Directors of the Israeli society of pain, as well as Member of the hypnosis advisory committee to the Israeli minister of health, after serving as an advisor of hypnosis to the minister of health from1992-2003.

I have my own private practice and treat adolescents and adults as well as family with children, utilising medical and clinical hypnosis.

During my second term as ESH Treasurer my objectives are to continue managing ESH finance, to control income and expenses, assuring to spend money for the right objectives respecting high ethical standards.

As a ESH Board of Directors Member I intend to promote ESH in more hypnosis societies in Europe, to make ESH and the BoD members more accessible to the members of the local constitutes societies, to help the Board of Directors members to be more efficient and to improve the academic as well as the organisation aspects of the future ESH congresses.

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