DI LEONE, Flavio G.

DI LEONE, Flavio G.

Societa Italiana Di Ipnosi

Flavio Di Leone






I’m a Medical Doctor, resident and assistant in the School of Psychiatry of the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry of the Policlinico Umberto I Hospital, in Rome.

Since 2005 I’m participating to a research project directed by Prof. Camillo Loriedo, dedicated to “Ultra-Short Hypnotic Therapy for Conversion Disorder” with over 200 cases treated with Ericksonian brief term hypnotherapy. At present I am consultant for the hypnotic therapy for Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES). In 2013, I promoted and initiated the research project “PNES and Functional Connectivity”.

I’m founder and president of LIEB Group for Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic, association that promotes clinical research and study in the field of Functional Disorders, Psychosomatic diseases and Somatizations.

My work as hypnotist deals with psychosomatic medicine, social psychiatry and phenomenological approaches.

I’m member of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), as well of the Italian Society of Hypnosis (SII), and Board Member of Youth Section of Italian Society of Psychiatry (SIP).

I’m Section Editor of “Ipnosi – Rivista Italiana di Ipnosi Clinica Sperimentale”, official publication of Italian Society of Hypnosis.

I am author and co-author of several publication in the field of hypnotherapy, Eating Disorders and Conversion Disorders.

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