Fellows and Honorary Members are nominated prior to the Congress and ratified at the Council of Representatives Meeting.


For persons who have made an outstanding contribution to the ESH.

  • Per-Olof (Peo) Wikström (2006/7)
  • Walter Bongartz (2008)
  • Camillo Loriedo (2011)
  • Shaul Livnay (2011)
  • Marianne Martin (2014)
  • Henriette Walter (2017)

Honorary Members

For those persons who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of hypnosis.

  • Peter Bloom (2008)
  • Dabney Ewin (2011)
  • Eva Banyai (2014)
  • Camillo Loriedo (2014)
  • Walter Bongartz (2017)


A special Award – the gift of the Board – for persons who have had a special role in assisting the ESH at a critical juncture.

  • Albecht Schmierer (2008)
  • Kees Hoogduin (2008)
  • Shaul Livnay (2014)

The Roll of Honour

Members of Societies who have been instrumental in building up our Constituent Societies and hence ESH. These individuals should be nominated by their Societies.

  • Mhairi L McKenna (2014)

Constituent Society Award

Demonstrating commitment to having hypnosis acknowledged in their own Country and enhancing the reputation of hypnosis and ESH.

  • Tibbi Hipnoz Dernegi (2017)

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